Artistic approach

Born in Terrebonne, a city close by Montreal, I work in my atelier since 2000, -with two years in La Pocatière. Since 2010, I share my time between Québec and Amsterdam, an inspiriting city to work full of beauty and creativity. I started to paint when I was really young. Since I remember, I have been fascinated by the colours and their richness. Autodidactic processes and my curiosity stimulated me in my way of searching. I try to translate the sensible flux of emotions crossing me inside my work. I see the artist as a prism, the arts as a light, and the work as the union of those two.

Using a large type of medium and material, like oil paint, acrylic, aquarelle, pastels, charcoal, sand and wood, I have always been working on many series in the same time. This method gives me more avenues and freedom, going however in the same axe. Besides my work as a painter, I publish each week poems in the newspaper La Revue without interruption instead of long trips outside the country.

Colours and nature Colours and nature are for me a leitmotiv to go inside the representation of something, without being a copy of the observation, but using the symbolism of it to go further. Impressed and fascinated by the forest, the ocean, the sky and the elements, my work is my reflection of nature in a meticulous process of searching for colours. This process creates an organic touch in my paintings.

In this view, I explore the deep importance of colours in our life. Colours are creating deep and unique links inside people, for what they mean and what they create in their infinite variation. The interpretation of colours is wide open, each person has its own experiences and because of this the senses are stimulated in different ways. For example, In a recent exhibition, I presented paintings of deep blue skies. One visitor, who is scared by water felt uncomfortable at first, but after a while inside the gallery and looking to the paintings, she found the peace and the calm of the blue and felt relieved. I think this is a good example of perception of colours and how simply the painting can bring something new to the one who observe it. The paintings give something new to the observer. The lights, the shades, the contrasts. but beyond; the vibration transcendent the canvas.

The poetry is for me the essence; it is digging the surfaces.

©2013 Francois-René, Artiste Peintre

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